3 Google AdWords Mistakes You’d Better Avoid

Google SEO

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Do, you think Google AdWords is nothing but a waste of good money? Your ads don’t seem to be working out. But, your Google Adwords mistakes may be that you’re doing something wrong.

AdWords is among the most powerful marketing tools available. But, like pretty much anything, there are mistakes you can make, mistakes that will kill your chances of succeeding.

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Why You Must Create Trust for Your Business

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If you haven’t started your business yet, maybe you’re just at the thinking about it stage, then you should read this article and find out why you need to have a good reputation for your business online.

Or, maybe you already have a business, then you should do a Google search and find out what people are saying about you. If there’s no negative feedback, good for you. But if you find bad reviews, then this article will help you too.

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4 Simple Tips for Affiliate Marketing Traffic Building

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As an affiliate marketer, you’d better know how to get buyers to come to your website. This is a make you or break you skill. You’re going to need to devote a huge chunk of time to learning traffic generation, at least you’ll have to in the beginning. It’s something that’s really simple but not easy. It’s going to require effort. Here are some tips to help with your affiliate marketing traffic building.

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3 Necessary Screen Capture Recording Tools

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If you want to create an explainer video to improve sales or just better your customers’ experience, there is a plethora of online tools to make the task easier.

You needn’t invest tens of thousands of dollars building a professional TV recording studio. In fact, you can make quality, informative videos with your smartphone, tablet or even your desktop.

If you don’t want to record your own smiling face, you can use screen capture tools – in either free or paid versions. These softwares record what you are doing on your video screen. If you are showing someone how to use a virtual product or perform some other type of online process, the screen capture video tutorial method is perfect for the job.

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