3 Google AdWords Mistakes You’d Better Avoid

3 Google AdWords Mistakes You’d Better Avoid

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Do, you think Google AdWords is nothing but a waste of good money? Your ads don’t seem to be working out. But, your Google Adwords mistakes may be that you’re doing something wrong.

AdWords is among the most powerful marketing tools available. But, like pretty much anything, there are mistakes you can make, mistakes that will kill your chances of succeeding.

Here are some of the more common Google Adwords mistakes you should avoid.

Google Adwords Mistake #1. Expecting Positive Outcomes

As is true of any marketing campaign, with AdWords you gotta put in the effort if your ads are going to be effective. You can’t just create an ad, sit back and do nothing, and expect it to be effective.

You need to modify your ads at least once a week. They have to be analyzed so you can figure out which keywords work and how many click-throughs each produces. The best keywords change often so you need to stay on top in order to stay relevant.

Google Adwords Mistake #2. Linking to Poor Quality Landing Pages

Sometimes it isn’t the ad that has a problem…it’s the landing page it’s linked to.

If you’re getting a good number of click-throughs, but aren’t seeing an increase in conversions, it may be time to look at your landing page. You should decide if anything could be changed. For example, landing pages with a video have a conversions rate that’s as much as 80 percent higher?

Google Adwords Mistake#3. Including Too Many Keywords

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It makes sense that the more keywords you use, the more traffic you’ll get. So, it may be a bit of a surprise to learn it’s better to target a specific phrase or just one or two keywords in an ad.

Sure, more keywords mean you’ll show up more frequently, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting more visitors. Your potential customers are looking for relevant, exact matches. The more specific your keywords, the more visitors your ads will attract.

BONUS TIME: Relevant, specific keywords are favored by Google. So, you’ll pay less for your ads, reducing your AdWords budget.

There are plenty of Google Adwords mistakes you can make, but these three are made most often. It’ll take skill, time and effort to make your Adwords campaign successful. You should have two or three campaigns going at the same time; each focusing on a different keyword to find the best results.

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