Four Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Online Writing

Four Tips You Can Use to Improve Your Online Writing

If what you want is to be a respected writer, there are guidelines you should follow to make yourself more in demand to potential clients. In this article, I highlight a few ideas that should boost your career as a freelance writer.

I’ve been writing professionally — at least writing has been a major tool in my toolkit — for more than four decades. I hope these tips help get your writing career started.

1. Don’t Dwell on the Mechanics

As you may have noticed, most of the well-liked writers don’t have the grasp of a language professor. In fact, many of the most popular freelance writers don’t even have degrees. The secret to highly rated freelance writing lies in creating interesting content…content that entertains the reader.

But, this isn’t a license to turn out lackluster content full of blatant grammatical errors and typos. Don’t think about the intricate rules of writing that are taught in university language classes. Instead, focus on the people who you want to enjoy the content – give them what they want and a few slip-ups will get lost in the excitement of your content.

2. Write for the Ear

Three Bunnie Ornaments with Big Ears

Huh? We read with our eyes, not our ears. True, but if you write using language that would flow trippingly off the tongue and lay gently on the ear, you’ll be miles ahead in the freelance writing game. It isn’t a coincidence that we talk about “writing voice.”

Not to get too technical here, but what you want to write in is something called Active Voice as opposed to Passive Voice. In passive voice, the subject of a sentence receives the action. In active voice, the subject does something to the object

Passive: The application was completed before the interview by John.
Active: John completed the application before the interview.

3. Readers Identify with Distinct Personalities

If you’re interesting, readers will faithfully read all of what you write. While following the fundamental rules of use may help you pass a basic writing test, you should never forget the central idea that readers want and need to feel entertained. If you doubt this, remember what makes the average TV celebrity famous. It’s something uniquely in them. You want to establish an interesting personality that gives your reader similar fun and entertainment.

4. Readers Love Rumors and Secrets

The top-rated blogs are the ones that talk about shocking facts and secrets. Now, even though this doesn’t mean you should spread lies about anyone or anything, do make sure that your content always has something new for the reader.

NOTE: You can be sued if you deliberately publish libelous (false) information that portrays someone in an unfavorable light.

Nobody will care much for your work if you only include the obvious details. But, rather than creating fallacious claims that have no merit or accuracy, do the research to ensure that you have extra knowledge about people and things. Go beyond the scope of the average reader. As a result, you should understand your readers. Your content should always be tailored to suit the unique audience for which you’re writing.

As we go along, I’m going to expand on these tips with a full post on each. So stick around, even if you don’t plan to do any freelancing, writing is still one of the most important components of building a website.

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