Top Articles on the Net December 31 – January 6

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4 Questions that Must Be Asked Before Designing a New Website

The main purpose of any business website is to help prospects to find a solution to their problem. Here are four key questions you should ask yourself to assure your website is what your customers want. Know who your website is being built for and the problems it needs to solve.


Is Your Content Prepared for the Verbal Revolution?

Voice search is growing, but are you ready for it. Learn how to prepare your websites to be searched in the coming voice revolution. Get your share of this growing search method. In mid-2016, voice search represented 20% of queries on Google’s mobile app. Are you going to be ready?


How to Revamp Your Local SEO Strategy

Voice search and digital assistants are making some major changing how people seek out local businesses online. Surely you know that the Yellow Pages are dead and people now use the Internet to connect with local businesses from hardware stores to restaurants. It’s time to learn how to use this new technology.


15 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel

Here are 15 tips perfect for optimizing your YouTube channel. Every step of the video production process is covered. The things you do to attract views and keep them interested are the same things that can help you with the YouTube algorithm. These are the tips and tricks that boost your visibility.


10 Ways to Make Videos Your Customers Can’t Resist

Another list if tips and tricks for making great videos. Every tip may not work for you, but most will. From the content of your video to the proper use of color these are common sense tips designed to guarantee better video.


4 Affiliate Marketing Myths and how to Deal with Them.

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There are numerous things about affiliate marketing that people just don’t understand. Most of these myths exist because people haven’t done the homework. As a business owner, it’s important that you debunk these myths so that you can make informed business decisions. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing you should be prepared with the right attitude.

If you’re just getting a start-up business going, affiliate marketing can be an attractive option. You can achieve a lot while taking a pass on the usual hustle associated with marketing.

But, there are myths about affiliate marketing that you need to understand as someone interested in supplementing your income via affiliate marketing.

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Boomers Biz Guide to Working from Home

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Many Boomers are anxious to learn about computers and the Internet with the goal of making money to supplement their retirement incomes or just to keep busy and be self-sufficient. They’re part of the movement which can keep seniors working and independent for the rest of their lives.

If you have a computer and Internet access, you’re already well on your way to building a home-based business. Home businesses let Boomers set their own hours, determine how much effort they want to put in, and how much money they’ll make.

"Never Stop Learning"Many Boomers already have skills they’ve learned from jobs. Now, thanks to the Internet, Boomers can put those skills to work from the comfort of home in areas such as marketing, administration, finance, and research.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Marketing

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Probably one of the biggest innovations on the Web in recent years is Facebook. It’s easily the largest social media site with more than two billion users around the world. A large number of those users log in daily. Is it any wonder that numerous brands take advantage of Facebook to expose and market their products and services.

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The most significant thing about Facebook marketing is the accessibility and easy gathering of information. You can search for your target market by filtering by demographics, interests or even their geographical location. This offers the opportunity for start-up businesses and budding entrepreneurs to easily promote their products.

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Create Articles People Will Actually Read

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When you start a blog, it can be a really painful experience putting lots of time and effort into writing blog posts and articles all the while knowing that no-one is paying them any attention. While you slave away over an article, unless you already have a dedicated audience, there’s a good chance that only a couple of people will ever read it.

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But, if you want to assure that people start reading as quickly as possible, it’s important not to simply keep posting the same old stuff. You need to think about the content that people actually like to read and what will hold their attention long enough to make an impact.

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Start Building a Better Future for You

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Stop, and take just a second. Look around and ask yourself, “Is this the quality of life I expected for myself, that I was hoping for?” If the answer is “No”, then my simple question is “why not?” “What are you doing to change your life?”

Most people who’ve been asked what they’re doing to change their lives say something along the lines of, “it’s no use because…..” and then they make some kind of petty, lame excuse.

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How to Build Your Own Website in 5 Easy Steps – Part 2

Server Farm

Okay, you have your website name and it’s registered to you at Now, let’s move on to Step 2, acquiring space on a web hosting server.

A web host is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible on the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide leased space on a server for use by clients, typically in a data center.

In order for others to see the website you build on your computer, it must be hosted somewhere. There are many different web hosts. Some are free, others offer standard hosting, and still, others offer dedicated or virtual hosting.

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How to Build Your Own Website in 5 Easy Steps – Part 1

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So you have decided to make your stand on the World Wide Web…not as a surfer but as an entrepreneur. Well, good for you! Every day people start websites with the hope of making some extra online cash.

Building your own website isn’t as difficult as you might think. Sure, it’s challenging at the beginning, but once you get it, you’ll reap the rewards.

Done correctly, it won’t be long before you are able to generate a good income. But first, you need to know how to build it. You’ll need to put in the work and time, especially at the beginning. You’ll need to learn how to attract targeted traffic to your site and then turn that traffic into paying customers.

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7 Reasons You Should Should Ignore High School English

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The word "grammar" in a dictionaryOne of the things most frequently said about copywriting is that you should “write like a real people speak.” More plainly, you should write in a conversational tone – like you are chatting with someone, or writing an email to a friend.

That means there are grammatical rules that should go out the window to make your copy read and perform better. (Isn’t that great).

Some of the no-nos from your high school English class that work particularly well when writing copy include:

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Developing a Can Do Mindset as an Older Entrepreneur

Quote "People Don't Quit Working Because They Get old"

It’s a pretty easy task for Baby Boomers to develop a negative mindset that keeps them from being part of the world, getting things done and generally enjoying life. They think they’re too tired, too old or just don’t have what it takes to have an active life.

Brain Lifting DumbbellsSometimes it’s easier for Boomers to just veg out rather than making a difference. They’re afraid to try. True, it’s a fast-changing world and new skills are often necessary to do almost anything. But, that’s as true for young people as well as old.

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