Common Obstacles to Working in Retirement

Common Obstacles to Working in Retirement

A lot of Baby Boomers begin their online careers out of necessity. Perhaps they lost their position through no fault of their own or had to retire on savings that are inadequate for today’s outlandish cost of living. Many others have discovered that retirement isn’t quite the good life they’d been led to believe.

There are plenty of challenges to building a business on the Web that are over the heads of some Baby Boomers. One problem is that many boomers don’t know or understand the intricacies of computer technology. While this isn’t as true as it used to be, many may flounder or become discouraged as they try to learn.

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One danger of trying to learn any new technology is trying to do too much – too fast. It takes time to learn the basics of a computer and how the Internet works. Plus, starting a business — even a small at home enterprise — can be a scary transition from working for someone else, picking up a regular paycheck, to working for yourself. And when you have the added obstacle of learning a new technology, it can be downright daunting.

Luckily, starting an Internet business doesn’t require breaking the bank to get started. Much of it is free or inexpensive If you have a computer and access to the Internet, you’re already well on your way to building your at home business.

Websites and other types of help exist that promote senior entrepreneurs and offer solutions to any problem you face. At first, Boomers may bee intimidated by all they have to learn to become an online entrepreneur.They’re afraid they may not have the mental acuity, business sense or energy to make an online business work.They also don’t want to take on financial burdens and run a risk of losing their savings.

Media stories focus on younger entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg who became a young billionaire by introducing Facebook. But, you know what I like to think about. I bought my first desktop computer before Zuckerberg was even born and a lot of other Boomers did too.

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Remember. there are plenty of Boomers who have been enormously successful with start-up businesses. At the very least, Boomers can easily supplement their retirement income and live a better life than before the Internet came along and made it possible to become successful with home-based businesses.

It’s a fact that age isn’t a factor in Internet startup businesses. If you have the passion and can make a commitment to learn and utilize all that computers and the Internet have to offer, you can sail through financially tough times.

Don’t waste the best years of your life living a financially strapped existence. It’s said, “You’re never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” That saying is often attributed to C.S. Lewis, but in reality, it’s probably Les Brown’s.

Learn how the Internet can help make you into a booming entrepreneur.

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