Finding Your Perfect Niche in Five Simple Steps

Finding Your Perfect Niche in Five Simple Steps

Keyboard with Key Reading Earn MoneyGet rich quick schemes are exactly that—schemes. Do you really believe you can expect to be earning five-figures within a couple of weeks just because some self-proclaimed Internet guru says you will if you simply buy the ebook he’s selling? Earning a successful place on the Internet takes time and effort. There are no shortcuts. If you want to make it online, you’ll have to go through the hardships.

One of the best ways to make money online, a method used by many successful Internet marketers, is niche marketing. When you’ve found the perfect topic to build a website around, one that will either directly sell your products and/or services, or promote the products and services of others, you’re ready.

Niche marketing has made a lot of people a pretty penny by offering high conversion rates and giving a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

So, if you are still trying to figure out what your perfect niche would be, here’s a simple niche selection guide to help you figure it out.

1. Make a list of at least 5 topics.

These can be anything that comes to mind. For example: dog, kitchen, cell phone, bed, and children.

2. Use a Keyword Discovery Tool

Type the words you want to explore into the search box one at a time. There are numerous Keyword Tools available online, many of them free — or free front ends for paid tools. Some of these are:

  • Ubersuggest Ubersuggest is a favorite of many SEOs and marketers. This tool is not only for keyword research, but you can also learn more about a topic. Try these search queries, “How do I” or “What does a”.
  • Search Combination Tool With this tool you can develop a large list of search queries. Then each query is linked to a Google query. It’s great for developing strategies on the fly.
  • KeywordSpy This is a paid tool with a free trial. You can search for word variations and similar words, and spelling mistakes. It’s meant for PPC, but can also be useful for beginning your lists.

3. Refine Your Search Terms

The topics we picked above are broad so we want to narrow them into smaller topics. With the help of a keyword analysis tool like Google Adword’s Keyword Tool you’ll get the following keywords for the “dog” topic:

  • Dog breeds
  • Dog grooming
  • Dog supplies
  • Dog training

Text Keywords on colorful cubes

4. One More Pass Through the Tool

These topics are still too broad to be niches.To get a more targeted niche, you should continue to dig deeper into each topic. For instance, if you’re interested in “dog training” then do a keyword search and you will get results like the following:

  • Acoma dog training center
  • Adult dog training
  • Adult dog potty training
  • Aggressive dog behavior training
  • Etc., etc., etc.…

NOTE: The best keywords are actually descriptive groups of three, four or more words. These word combinations are called long-tail keywords.

5. Pick Your Niche

If you think any of the topics on this list appeals to you based on factors such as high monthly search volume and low competition, then you should find a list of keywords for the niche. You want to choose a niche that has a large list of keywords so you can build more content for your site. The bigger your site, the better.

Once you have picked your niche, the next step is to start building your website and deciding how you’ll monetize it.

Stay tuned.

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