Here’s How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Here’s How to be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

It’s really pretty simple, Affiliate Marketing. When you sign up to promote someone else’s product or service for a commission, you’re an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer (let’s just say “affiliate”), you usually don’t need any special training and your start-up costs are minimal.

Your task as an affiliate is to send traffic to the product owner’s sales page, allowing THEM to convert the prospect into a buyer. The more targeted you are with your promotion, the higher your conversion.

Paint Splatters

There’s a bundle of things you can promote as an affiliate. On Amazon, for instance, you can promote anything tangible (along with a few digitally downloaded products). Maybe you’re in the paintball niche. You can publish links using your Amazon Associate ID (that’s what Amazon calls its affiliates) on your paintball website and sell paintball guns and all sorts of other paintball gear.

You can use sites such as ClickBank or PayDotCom where you get a unique affiliate ID to promote an endless supply of information products. They have everything from ways to deal with acne to organic gardening and much, much more. One word of caution: Be careful about what you promote if you’re in health niches. Clickbank and several other affiliate companies offer dubious preventative and curative material.

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Then there’s CPA. In this case, CPA doesn’t stand for Certified Public Accountant. This time it stands for Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. CPA marketers focus their business on getting a steady stream of traffic to take an action, such as filling out an online survey or subscribe to a newsletter.

In affiliate marketing, you shouldn’t worry about developing ideas and creating products. You don’t have to deal with customer service, follow-ups or continually developing new products.

Your job is made easier when product owners care enough about success, that they provide a toolkit to help you do your job. These toolkits typically include emails, review materials, and banner ads you can use, of course with your link, when promoting their products.

Most affiliates eventually blur the distinction between product owner and affiliate marketer. Product owners use their list to promote affiliate items, and affiliates often build such a good reputation in a niche that they’re urged to come out with a product of their own.

What kind of income can affiliate marketers earn? Basically, there’s no limit. You can market in numerous niches, work as much as you want, as hard as you want or as little as you want. You can write your own ticket. Super affiliates earn six figures, often even more, but even a beginner can make enough to cover pay the monthly bills and have enough left over to have some fun.

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