Why You Should Consider the Benefits of Podcasting?

Why You Should Consider the Benefits of Podcasting?

If you’ve been thinking about making a podcast but haven’t quite made a decision, maybe you’re trying to come up with a good reason to actually make it. There are several excellent reasons to make podcasts, from advancing your business, to earning money. Podcasts are already popular with the people who listen to them, so the audience is there. So, before you give up on the idea of producing a podcast, consider these reasons for making one.

1. Podcasts Are a Break From Written Content

First, if you have a website or blog with a lot of written content, you should be looking for diverse content. Having content on your site is your best way to sell products and advertise services, along with communicating with your readers.

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But this can lead to burnout. If you’re running out of ideas for compelling blog posts, think about talking into a microphone instead. Many people find it easier to get information out and make their point by talking as opposed to writing. You also save money by not having to pay someone to ghostwrite your posts for you while coming up with an easier way to communicate information to your audience at the same time.


2. Podcasts Work Well Even for the Camera-Shy

Another reason to produce a podcast is that you don’t have to be in front of the camera. Maybe you want to add multimedia components to your website, but you aren’t comfortable on camera. You can still talk about the same topics on a podcast. All you need is a microphone and recording software, like Audacity (free) or Adobe Prelude (more advanced).

If you think about videos where someone is just sitting in front of the camera and talking, but not showing you anything, you can understand that video isn’t really necessary. And even if you plan to do video in the future, starting with podcasts is a good way to get used to the idea of talking instead of writing.

3. Podcasts Are Easy to Consume

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A major advantage to recording a podcast is that potentially there is a huge audience. People enjoy listening to podcasts because the information is quick and easy to consume. They can listen to your podcast from anywhere so long as they have a way of listening. Whether they’re at work, taking a walk, or listening at home while doing chores podcasts are easily consumable.

Because podcasts are so easy to consume, people are more inclined to keep listening. That helps grow your audience and make your podcast successful. This also increases the chances of listeners sharing your podcast with their friends.

4. You Can Use Them For Advertising

Podcasts aren’t just for discussing various ideas with your audience. They can help you earn money. From having an advertiser approach where you mention and discuss their business, to affiliate marketing by posting the podcast along with relevant links to other products. There are plenty of ways to earn money with your podcast. They can also bring more traffic to your website or blog if you sell products or services there.

There you have it. Adding a podcast to your blog can be a great way to diversify your content and maybe even make a few extra bucks in the process.


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