You Can Easily Boost Your Social Media Shares

You Can Easily Boost Your Social Media Shares

No doubt, social media is a cheap and easy way to get your products or services out there, while building your brand.

Gone are the days when a small business had to have a monstrous advertising budget for the newspaper, the Yellow Pages, leaflets, and radio. Now, an article or video posted to your Facebook or Pinterest page provides almost everything you need. Online is the future, so make it your present.

The key to all of this online success is the number of shares a post gets. Large companies with a large following may get hundreds of thousands of shares and comments, others aren’t always so lucky.

If you’re in the latter category, this article will equip you with an action plan to help you increase the number of shares you get.

So, why don’t we get started?


Who Do You Want to Reach?

It’s important to know just who it is you want to share your content with. “Influencers” are people who are knowledgeable and well-known in your industry or niche. They often have huge numbers of followers, and almost always get lots of shares of their posts.

These influencers are the key to your success. They should be the first people that you want to reach. If you can get an influencer to share your post, the chance is it’s going to reach a lot of people with an interest in what you have to offer.


So how do you get these influential types to share your stuff?

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For starters, do your research. Look through their social media pages and websites for ideas.

  • What kind of things do they tend to share?
  • What are their main interests?
  • Most importantly, what types of post do they share regularly?

Once you’ve gathered this information, you write a post catering to their interests, but it must be relevant to your business.


What Should You Post?

The best way to generate interest and, thus, shares of your content is by focusing on what people are concerned about.

Trending topics are an excellent way — pay attention to them. You can use Twitter, Facebook and Google to learn in real-time what people are talking about.


Make Use of the Now Ubiquitous # (Hashtag)

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Have a topic in mind and search for it using a # (hashtag). You’ll find out quickly if the topic is something people are interested in.

Facebook is really good for this. It shows you precisely how many people are talking about a particular topic at a particular time. It’s a great indicator of how many people potentially are interested in what you think could be a hot topic.

Do your research carefully and thoroughly. Find the topics that are most interesting to your followers and related to your business. For instance, if your business is about flower arranging, cookie baking is of no use to you regardless of how much it may interest people.

And don’t forget to include # (hashtags) in your posts. They’ll help get shares by making it easy for people to find and share your content.


Where Do You Post Your Content?

Easy: Wherever your influencers are. Be sure your post is seen by the people who’ll increase your chances of getting shares.

By doing your research, you’ll know exactly what social media apps your influencers are using. Put your content in all the same places. Facebook and Twitter may be the top dogs, but don’t forget the other gems: LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram. The list is endless.

Don’t be scared to share the same post on different social media. Posting your content on different platforms is a great way to make sure your work is seen by as many people as possible.


But, Will They Like TYou, Really Like You?

The only way to find out: Do it! Publish a few varied posts and see how your audience reacts. You’ll learn quickly how popular a post is by how often it’s liked, commented on and shared. Which post was most popular amongst your followers? The posts that do the best are those you’ll want to promote.

Testing posts will allow you to see what your followers find most interesting and, more importantly, what they want to see.


Now, It’s Time to Take Action!

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Once you’ve tested your content and found what’s best you need to put your plans into action. Nothing happens without action.

Paying to promote your posts can be a sound investment. For instance, Google Adwords or Bing Ads allow you to reach people who are interested in your business but may not have seen your posts elsewhere.

Most businesses have a Twitter account, so it pays to do everything possible to make sure your posts are seen and shared on Twitter. Sometimes, one or two posts is all it will take to get a follower. If that follower turns out to be an influencer that’s great news.

You can see it’s really important to identify your best posts. If you pay to promote every piece of content you post it’ll get expensive and fast. It will also leave potential followers without a good reason to visit your page. It just wouldn’t be a good investment. The rule is, don’t go overboard. Remember your aim is to attract new followers with quality content.

Advertising shouldn’t be expensive either. Purchases are made auction style. You decide how much you’re willing to pay for a follower, and you only pay when somebody decodes to follow you.


Review Your Action Plan

Every action plan should be reviewed. Once your shares have increased, it’s a good idea to analyze what has worked for you and why.

When you do this you can make each post better than the last, getting more shares each time.

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